Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lesson No.2 - Painting A Distant Tree

We accomplished a lot in this lesson.  The sky was painted in Ultramarine Blue and we just added Lemon to the mix to dab in the tree behind the shed.  It was easy to feather the tree off into the sky while the paint was wet.  Branches were dabbed in a soft purple and highlights to the leaves were added last.  The idea was to have a soft out-of-focus effect to give the painting depth.


  1. Wow i really am enjoying this painting [Andrea's Cows] coming together. Do you feel oil is a better medium then acrylic? and if painting in acrylic how do you deal with flatish midtoney areas that acrylic tend to dry back too.

  2. I have just looked at your slideshow does everybody know that the Flickr slideshow is in the top right hand side of your blog? this has some fantastic paintings on show.

  3. Thanks Markn. Yes oils are definitely better than acrylics - they are slower drying which make it easier to paint - they have a beautiful consistency and depth which acrylics don't.

    Hopefully everyone has looked at my slideshow. Thanks for the nice comments.