Tuesday, 27 June 2017

How to Paint Water in Sunsets Part 2

I've added some darker blues now (using Ultramarine Blue with a dot of Cadmium Red Light), firstly along the horizon, smooshing it up into those dark clouds, then dabbing gently over my lighter blue in lines and sections to indicate ripples in the water.  With this mix I also darkened my bigger waves.

With a clean brush, I've gently added the orange glow to the water, starting directly under the sun and fanning out as I come forward.  Dab this in-between the ripples, as the sun's reflection only shows on the smooth surfaces of the water.  (I'm using Cadmium Yellow Deep and the Red Light for this.)

Smooth this very gently over the tops of those dark waves to help soften them.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Art Award

I was very excited to receive this award for my rhino painting "Playing in the Mud" from Light, Space and Time!  I have to thank Australia Zoo for the photo opportunity.  It started off as a very cold and rainy day when all of a sudden the sun came out.  We were in "Africa" and when we walked to the top of the hill, there were the rhinos, all playing in the mud.  It was awesome.  I have more photos of that day and hope to turn them into paintings too.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

How to Paint Water in Sunsets Part 1

I'm going to add extra clean highlights to the clouds (lemons and oranges) when that area is dry.  In the meantime, I have quickly brushed in the water, softening it into the clouds so there is no hard line.  I have also loosely brushed in the bigger waves in a dark purple.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

One of Linda's Beautiful Watercolours

Linda has been doing a bit of watercolour lately.  This 15x20cm painting was completed in a couple of days, showing her skill in wet-in-wet technique, using transparent colours to show a simple, clean work of art.  Great job Linda.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Fine Tuning

I repainted the ear (it was way too big - I must have had my mind on other things when I drew it!).  I put in more highlights and darkened darks.  I like to leave the hair until I start doing the background, so I can feather it off while it is wet.

Only 4 more faces to go!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

How to Oil Paint Shadows

I've brushed in all of my neck tones and hues, marking out the shadows as I go.  The light is coming from Kace's left, therefore the neck overall will be darker than the face.  Shadows still have all the different tones and hues as in the light areas, only darker.  If you look carefully, some shadows are more red/purple and some more blue/purple.

With my basic mix of flesh tones, I add purple to some of it to make up my shadow colours.  I use Ultramarine Blue and Scarlet, and Permanent Rose if I want a bright purple.  As the shadow comes away from the object i.e. the face, it becomes lighter with more colour.

Don't forget about reflective light in shadows.  The shirt Kace is wearing is maroon, so under the shirt is an orange/maroon highlight.  Also on his right is a blue reflective light from the blue collar.

Monday, 15 May 2017

How to Oil Paint - Barb's Tip for Today

I am continuing to cover the unpainted sections of the face with my selected colours, still experimenting with different tones and hues.

My tip for today is to leave your palette in the freezer when not in use - even if you stop painting for an hour.  Here in sunny Queensland, the oils dry out so quickly.  As you can see, I have a whole range of colours and tones made up.

Now, I don't spend time mixing new colours every day, and it also saves a lot of money in oils.

So I can continue painting where I left off as if I had never left it.