Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Warm or Cool Shadows in Painting Portraits?

My photos were all done outside, with a strong cool light source.  Cool light produces warm shadows.  I mixed up a purple first, using Ultramarine Blue and whatever red you are going to use throughout the painting (in this case, I chose my Permanent Rose for a soft, pretty, pink/purple colour).  You can add a little of this mix to your base flesh tone and adjust it according to the area that you are painting.  Remember, in the highlighted areas, the shadows are sharper with more colour, and in the shadowed areas, colour is muted with softer edges.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Shadows and Highlights in Oil Painting

Starting my third little face now.  As always, I begin with the eyes.  Her head is slightly tilted so that her left eye is a little closer to the viewer, and it is in the highlighted side of her face.  Therefore, I have made the left eye a bit sharper, with more contrast and colour than her right eye.  So I have painted the shadows and highlights in this eye with a clean blue.  The same goes with the shadows and highlights on the skin.  The shadowed area under that left brow reflects a lovely orange glow, whereas her right eye is in shadow and therefore is more muted in colour and tone.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

How to Paint Water in Sunsets Part 3

As we continue down the canvas, away from the horizon toward the shore, we can see more detail and movement in the water. 

For this section, I am brushing in the darks first as the dark makes up the majority of this section.  The highlights will go in later.  I also have made this section a brighter blue (with less red added to the mix).  We can see more colour and transparency as the water becomes more shallow and is closer to the viewer.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How to Paint Shadows in Portraiture

There are plenty of shadows on her face, ears and neck and they are all different tones and hues.

So, in the highlighted areas (i.e. the ear and forehead) the shadows are a bit sharper, with more colour in them.  I initially brush in the orange colour first, then go over them gently with my shadow mix (Scarlet and Ultramarine Blue).  If they go a bit green, add a bit more red to the shadow mix.  Don't forget, no hard edges, and soften them as they come into the light.

Under the chin where it is darker, the shadows in that area are less sharp, have less colour and lighter tone.  This area still has to be darker than the face though.  So feather off the different tones so there are no hard edges and it is soft and muted.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Colour and Tone in Portraiture

If you look closely at the skin, there can be many different tones and colours which can be very confusing.  I concentrate on the tones first - shadow and highlights - before I worry too much about the colour.  I decided initially that my highlights would be a warm light, so I have made the light on the left of their faces a lovely orange glow.  The shadows on their right are a pink/purple with a slightly lighter glow coming from the right side of the face.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

How to Paint Eyes in Oil

My little faces are only about 1/3 the size of life-size, so these eyes can be very tricky to paint - one blob in the wrong place in the wrong colour or tone and it is hard to correct.  So, after having filled in all the white canvas, leaving it to dry and confident in the shape and size, I am going over it again.  When you mix up the colour and tone that you want, just dab the colour on a paper towel to get an idea of how it looks before you apply it to the board.  A little flow medium added to the mix can help as well.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Time to Paint Face No.2

I am still using the same colours and will continue using only the colours I started with throughout all 5 faces.  Here, the youngest one who is only 2, has a much lighter, more pink tone than the older ones.  I have used more of the Permanent Rose in my mix for her. 

Eyes first as always, painting in the initial darks and lights and slightly correcting the shape and size of them as I go.  These eyes are much smaller than Kacey's because she is sitting further back, therefore a lot harder to paint. One blob in the wrong place and it's a mess.  So I will make sure that they are correct, wait til they're dry before redoing them in more detail.