Monday, 1 July 2019

How to Oil Paint Curly Hair

Curly hair is a lot harder to paint than straight hair in that there is more detail and it is more time-consuming.  The principles are the same though.  I like to separate the clumps of hair (in this case the curls) with the dark shadow colour you will be using.  At the same time, you are positioning the larger clumps to get the right composition as well as simplifying the whole procedure.  Then it is just a matter of breaking down each clump with your mid-tones, then darks and highlights.

Don't forget to make the outline of the hair very soft, using muted colours.  I try to do a lighter hue against a darker part of the background, and a darker hue against the lighter part.  The hair needs to be feathered off into the face colours as well so that it doesn't look like a wig.

As I've already said, curly hair is quite tricky and you will find yourself going back over it with extra highlights and shadows as I have done! 

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