Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Painting Childrens' Hands in Oils

I think the most important part to painting hands, especially in children's hands, is to get the knuckles (complete with wrinkles), in the right place.  The younger they are, the more the little fingers look like sausages.  The fingers need to be rounded off, using background colours as well as the usual shadow colours (Ultramarine Blue and Scarlet).  It's only the shading and shadows that will help give shape to them.

Always follow your original direction of light (in this case from the right of the figure) and keep to the same angle.  The knuckles will create some shadow, as will the slightly curved wrinkles.  Where the hand may be touching the surface (the leg here) the shadow will be harder, darker and narrow.  As the fingers are just hanging a bit at the end, the shadow under them will be softer, with more colour and gradually merging into the surrounding surface.

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