Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lesson No.7 - Brushing In The Grass

Time for the grass.  I think the lesson here was to be random and quick, adding different greens and tones so that we didn't end up with lawn.  Quite a different method from the detailed shed.  We used an old bristle brush and brushed upwards in all directions.  I also put in some dirty oranges and rusty coloured grass to connect the colours to the shed.  Some of my students found it easier to use one of those fan brushes.  Have fun and be messy!


  1. hi Barb
    I have been following with interest your "Andrea's Cows" it really has been good watching the cows come to life

  2. Thanks Markn. We've nearly finished. Just started the cows - not that easy but we're getting there.