Saturday, 10 September 2011

2nd Lesson - Portrait

Skin colour!  My daughter has very pale ivory skin but I have added a blue light to the portrait.  This whole lesson was spent in mixing the appropriate colours for each person's portrait.  Not that easy as some have olive skin, some have swarthy complexions and mine with a blue light!  Anyway our base colours were Scarlet, Lemon, Pthalo Green and white.  For those with the pale skin, we added some Permanent Rose, and for the olive skin, some Ultramarine Blue.  I added Pthalo Blue to my mix.  We also had to decide on whether we wanted cool shadows or warm shadows. 


  1. Wow--I had no idea this could be done. What a beautiful picture--I will be excited to see it when it is done!

    Thank you for joining us for FATuesday last week. It is a privilege.

  2. Thanks Beth. I can't wait til its finished either! It's definitely been a bit tricky!