Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Well we began painting today.  We drew up our canvas for homework so we could waste no time in painting.  We started with the darks, using Prussian Blue and Scarlet.  Next was the glass.  By adding a touch of Cadmium Yellow and white to the mix, we made a slightly greeny hue.  While the paint was still wet, we painted in the ear that is behind the glass.  It would have been harder to leave it to dry as we wanted it soft and out-of-focus.  We then blotched (if that is such a word) over the glass with the lighter mix to try and indicate light and dirt.  Anyway, it was a good start to our donkey.


  1. this is looking good. Is it in Greece?

    1. It is actually a German donkey from a place called Sarstedt. My friend took the photo as it looked out of its shed window. His beautiful sad eyes caught her attention. I love donkeys and we decided to paint him. Thanks for asking.