Saturday, 16 February 2013

Keep That Second Cottage Out-Of-Focus

We finished painting the cottage on the right.  I painted in the whites first, then the timber so that they could be feathered off slightly while the paint is wet.  Remember to keep this cottage slightly out-of-focus, as it is not our centre of interest.  Next the paving was done in a light purple mix, blending it into the foliage at the back so there was no hard edge.  I roughly painted in the paving lines in a darker purple and feathered it off into the wet paint slightly with dark and light colours on my brush.  You don't want the cracks to be flat, so in places they are darker and the colour is varied.  I then painted in the bricks in front of the door, again slightly out-of-focus.  I loosely dabbed in the greens, then flowers and kept dabbing them in until it was nice and soft.

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