Sunday, 24 February 2013

4th Lesson - Greek Steps

I think the focal point of this painting is the colour and texture of the steps.  So as we move  forward into the foreground, I am going to use a palette knife.  Using the same colours, I scoop a knife-ful of premixed paint (dark colours first) and literally scrape the paint horizontally across the step.  One step at a time is a good idea at this stage.  Next I mix the colours on my palette very loosely, so that when I scrape the next shade (lighter colours) across the step, the colours aren't quite blended and appear patchy, which help to increase interesting detail on it's own.  Once that is done, you can use your wide flat brush to smooth out some parts, add a bit of an edge to the top of the step, or just blend in bits that you think might be too sharp at this stage.  Have fun!

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