Tuesday, 21 May 2013

6th Lesson - Marylyn Mayo

Before moving on to the ears and neck, I have gone back in to the face one last time.  I accentuated highlights and darkened shadows and generally just adjusted and fiddled around until I was happy.  The ears are slightly pinker in colour and softer as they are behind the face.  The edge of the face will be softened later when we do the hair.  The neck was done in the same manner.  Brush over the dark tones first, then soften them with the highlights before adding any lines or wrinkles.  Whilst you have the shadow colours (use the Ultramarine Blue for the shadows as opposed to the Pthalo Green as you want them to be slightly purple in colour) you can brush in the neckline where the blouse sits.  Make sure that where the neck sits against the background, it is darker and softer to give the body depth.

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