Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Greek Steps - Finished

We scattered a few more petals and rocks about to mess it up - it was looking a little too orchestrated.  I ended up repainting the two pots in the background as they were looking very flat.  I gave them more shadow and highlight.  As we used a palette knife for this painting, I might wait for about 6 months before I varnish it.  You want to make sure the paint is dry before you varnish - I usually wait about 3 months but it depends on how thick the paint is. 


  1. Hi Barb I am to about to attempt my own Greek Steps I will let you know how I go. P.S I read in our local paper(courier mail) you won an award at the Bribie Island art community. congratulations!!,

    1. Thanks for the congrats on my award Markn. Have fun doing the Greek Steps. If you have any problems let me know.