Thursday, 25 July 2013

4th Lesson - Redefining Highlights

Well, we went over the tops of the clouds with our light oranges and whites again to make them clean and bright.  I then softened the bottom edge of these dabs by re-wetting the cloud and pushing the brush up into the wet highlights.  I also went over the middle section with light oranges and whites, as the first coat was very scratchy and thin.  Next the water!


  1. Hi there ~ I was doing a google search on how to oil paint and I happened to end up here. I think I'm happy about that:) I was looking through some of your prior post and really enjoyed the way you describe the steps you are taking in your paintings. I enjoy your work and I'm sure will be visiting again!

  2. Hi Mel, I'm so glad you enjoyed reading my blog. I have fun doing it and hope you do visit again.