Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Lesson No.8 - Introducing the Water

The water's colour is a reflection of the sky.  I painted the sky in Tasman Blue, so I will begin with that colour.  Brush the area at the top in a very light blue, increasing the colour as you proceed forward.  Leave those areas of still water blank as they contain reflections which we will paint in later.  To make the darker ripples, add a bit of Ultramarine Blue and Carmine and softly blend them into the wet paint with a fine brush.  This mix can also be used to soften the bottom edges of the rocks along the water line.  The still water areas we left suggests a reflective colour of the mountains behind the line of trees.  I tried to imitate this colour and brushed it in.  Everyone's mountains will be a different colour, so use your mountain colours as a guide.  Lastly with a very light Tasman Blue, streak this through all areas of the water as a highlight.  You might have to use just white for the very top area, if your paint is a bit thick.

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