Thursday, 28 November 2013

Last Lesson - Seashore Sunrise

I've just realised that I did not include painting the birds in my lessons.  I picked a spot in the clouds that was lightest, and with a fine brush and liquin "drew" the bird in.  Make it a bit smaller than you intend because it is easier to enlarge than reduce the size if need be.  I used a dark mix of Ultramarine Blue and Red Light.  I dotted in another bird further off to the right of the painting with a slightly lighter mix.  I then softened the edges with a light blue underneath, and a red-orange above.  Soften the little bird around the edges as well (he needs to be very out-of-focus).  Done!  All I need is a signature!


  1. Hi Barb I have seen this painting in your exhibition on Bribie Island and the photo of your final painting does not do your painting justice.