Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Lesson No.12 - Painting Our Way Down The Canvas

We finished the rest of the rocks that are in the water using the same technique as in Lesson No. 10.  They have lots of colour and texture.  Just remember your light source - coming in from the left in this case.

I have started painting in the water now.  Firstly, I blocked the water in with the sky colour Tasman Blue, then adding some red and yellow, greyed it off and painted in the shadowed areas.  When painting reflections of the rocks, brush downwards with the appropriate colours, then brush crossways very lightly with a soft, flat brush on it's side.  Darken ripples with Ultramarine Blue and red and highlight with a light Tasman Blue.  Feather the ripples off so they remain soft and add spots of pure white for that extra brightness.  Do small sections at a time as I have done, because the next section in the middle is quite different to paint as there is a lot of movement.

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