Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Lesson No.14 - Paint The Eyes To Give Our Flamingos Character

Before moving on with more feathers, I thought we'd better get the eyes in and redefine the bill.  I used a light lemon for the eye colour, then with a darker pink, surrounded the eye area to give it more depth.  I then dabbed this lightly into the yellow for a more shadowy look on the eye itself.  I dabbed a tiny bit of black just once on the eye for a pupil.  With a clean brush I dabbed the black spot very gently to soften it.  I darkened the bill with a deeper pink as it was looking a bit flat and finished the other flamingo with the same colours.  Lastly I used the black to go over the bill and the second flamingo's bill also.  Black tends to go a bit flat when dry - I usually have to repaint my blacks to make them darker.

With my eyes done, my flamingo looks a little angry! 


  1. Hi Barb I just painted a flamingo with your lessons and I am very happy with the results markn

    1. Wow, that's great! Hope you had fun and maybe enjoy trying another lesson Markn.