Monday, 3 August 2015

Lesson No.5 - Re-working the Chicken's Heads

Starting with Donna's head (the top one) we are going over our initial wash with thicker paint, and a fine brush.  Brush in the very darks first in the direction of the feather growth (we want some texture now).  Mid-tones are next, then white.  Use just white for the highlights even though this area is in shadow.  While the paint is wet, it will blend in and mix with the darker hues anyway.


Little Ricca is next.  She is a little closer to the viewer, so requires even more attention to detail.

Jo has redefined the chickens' beaks and dabbed some more pink highlights in their combs.  When you look closely at the chickens, you don't realise how crazy their combs and wattles etc are until you paint them!

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