Wednesday, 24 May 2017

How to Oil Paint Shadows

I've brushed in all of my neck tones and hues, marking out the shadows as I go.  The light is coming from Kace's left, therefore the neck overall will be darker than the face.  Shadows still have all the different tones and hues as in the light areas, only darker.  If you look carefully, some shadows are more red/purple and some more blue/purple.

With my basic mix of flesh tones, I add purple to some of it to make up my shadow colours.  I use Ultramarine Blue and Scarlet, and Permanent Rose if I want a bright purple.  As the shadow comes away from the object i.e. the face, it becomes lighter with more colour.

Don't forget about reflective light in shadows.  The shirt Kace is wearing is maroon, so under the shirt is an orange/maroon highlight.  Also on his right is a blue reflective light from the blue collar.

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