Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Painting Baby's Skin in Oils

Baby skin is softer, pinker and smooth.  So I've added some Permanent Rose to my basic mix of colours (Cadmium Red, Lemon and Pthalo Green) to make the skin appear soft and pink.  In this portrait, I am leaning towards a purple hue to match the rest of the painting.  To make the skin appear smooth, I have lightened it somewhat and feathered off any hard edges.  To do this, I will go over the edges with a soft, dry brush, brushing until the edges of colour are indistinguishable.  I still have to add the orange hues to the baby to match the other face.

You'll notice I have roughly brushed in the baby's top with a purple/pink colour that I think will complement her skin.  I can compare this now to her flesh tones, and work on her highlights and shadows to suit.

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