Tuesday, 18 December 2012

2nd Lesson - Camels

We started with the sky, using our "Jo" sky as I call it.  I used Tasman Blue mixed with white and then alternately slapped on the blue mix then just white, lightly feathering off as I go.  It took about 5 mins to cover the sky.  I added a touch of Cadmium Red to the blue mix for a slightly purple haze across the horizon.

Next the pyramids.  I used a mix of the Tasman, Cad Red and Yellow Ochre and following our light source, just covered one side with a dark mix and the other sides with a lighter mix.  I then played around with the paint dabbing darks and lights all over them.  I softened the hard edges with a light Tasman Blue mix.  Then I just dabbed in some whites here and there while it was all wet.

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