Monday, 31 December 2012

3rd Lesson - Camels

Today Jo and I started painting our camels with a mixture of Cadmium Red Deep and Yellow Ochre.  We filled in the head first with dark tones and light tones.  The eyes were next using a dark Ultramarine mixed with the Cadmium Red.  The tricky bit here is to get both eyes looking straight and similar to each other.  I added a bit of Ultramarine to my orange mix and darkened darks where needed, dabbing lightly to indicate hair.  We reverted to a fine brush at this stage to detail the nostrils and mouth, keeping it slightly out-of-focus as we will adjust and sharpen next time when it is dry.  We continued down the neck with a dark orange first, outlining the folds in his neck, then slowly dabbing in lighter colours as we went.  Next week we'll tone down the orange with darker shadows and fill in his halter.

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