Monday, 1 July 2013

Camels - Finished

For the background, I brushed a very light mix of Yellow Ochre and white and started from the horizon, making my mix darker and adding a touch of Cadmium Red as I went.  I created dips in the sand around the camels' feet by adding a purple to my mix and feathering off into the wet paint.  Rocks were added to mess up the sand by first putting a decent blob of white paint where I wanted them (in the foreground mainly).  I then gave each rock a shadow with my purple mix brushing up into the rock slightly and along the sand.  I kept dabbing around with these colours blending them into the sand going back toward the horizon.  As I gradually made my way back to the horizon, I feathered them off more and more.

Lastly with a very light mix of Tasman Blue and white (the sky colour) I rubbed over the edges of the pyramids and horizon as they were looking a little too sharp.  I wanted a hazy look in the distance.  Finished!

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