Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How To Oil Paint Flamingos

Well here is our newest project - two beautiful flamingos with reflections in the water.  We chose a 50 x 75 cm board and drew up our birds to fit.  We chose Cobalt and Lemon for the bright greens, Ultramarine Blue and Lemon for the more greener colours and Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Red for the darks.

I lightly painted in the bright greens first, followed by the greener reeds at the back, feathering off as I went.  I simplified the background by excluding the detail above the reeds, extending them up to the top of the canvas.  With my darker mix, I dabbed in gaps between the reeds randomly to create depth.  Whatever you create, make sure it is very soft and out-of-focus.  If you have trouble feathering off, grab a very soft dry brush and lightly go over the background in short criss-cross strokes.

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